VetCalc, short for “VETeran Combined Disability CALCulator,” is the solution to all of your questions relating to:

  • 1) How the Department of Veterans Affairs calculates disability percentages pursuant to the Combined Ratings Table (See 38 CFR 4.25 and 4.26)
  • 2) How the Department of Veterans Affairs calculates monthly disability benefit payments using the Veterans Affairs Compensation Benefits Rate Table.

Often times the process the Department of Veterans Affairs uses to combine these disability percentages and calculate monthly benefit payments is referred to as “Veterans Affairs Math” or “VA Math.” You can rest assured that VetCalc addresses ALL of your questions relating to calculating disability benefit percentages and benefit payments in seconds.

Why is VetCalc the best VA Disability Calculator?

You may have noticed that several websites offer free calculators that similarly attempt to provide you with solutions to VA Math problems. Although these calculators bear many different names, for instance: “VA Disability Calculator,” “Veteran Combined Calculator” and “Disability Percentage Calculator” they all seem to have 3 things in common:

  • 1) They are not easy to use
  • 2) They do not include Bilateral Factor calculations and

Experience from a former Department of Veterans Affairs Rating Specialist

While I was employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Rating Specialist, I adjudicated and reviewed 1000’s of VA disability claims. During my review of disability claims I would quite frequently discover that the Bilateral Factor was not properly entered into disabilities that REQUIRED it (See 38 CFR 4.26). After I corrected these errors by properly entering the Bilateral Factor, Veterans’ overall disability percentages would, quite frequently, increase to the next higher level. Please check out the “Examples” page above for hypotheticals exposing the effect of the Bilateral Factor error on the overall monthly payment.

Trust my experience; don’t expect the Department of Veterans Affairs to correct the problem for you, often times they do not even bother to look for it. Double check the VA Math yourself by purchasing VetCalc today and take the necessary steps to force the Department of Veterans Affairs to correct the error in YOUR claim.

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