Introducing the VA Disability Calculator: VetCalc

VetCalc, short for “VETeran Combined Disability CALCulator,” is the solution to all of your questions relating to: 1) How the Department of Veterans Affairs calculates disability percentages pursuant to the Combined Ratings Table (See 38 CFR 4.25 and 4.26) 2) How the Department of Veterans Affairs calculates monthly disability benefit payments using the Veterans Affairs Compensation Benefits Rate Table. Often times the process the Department of Veterans Affairs uses to combine these disability percentages and calculate monthly benefit payments is referred to as “Veterans Affairs Math” or “VA Math.” You can rest assured that VetCalc addresses ALL of your questions

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Can VA Math really affect the outcome of my claim?

In the coming days, we will post several examples demonstrating why it is absolutely critical that you arm yourself with VetCalc (short for “Veteran Combined Disability Calculator”) and verify your Veterans Affairs combined disability percentage to assure it is correct. During my several years of employment with the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Rating Specialist, I reviewed thousands of VA disability claims.  Quite often during my review of those claims, I would discover errors in previous Rating Decisions involving the failure to properly annotate “a disability affected by a disease or injury of one or both arms or one or

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