What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Note, we do collect names, email addresses, phone numbers and other information relevant to Department of VA Compensation.  We collect this informaion to provide potential clients with free consultations.  We never solcit or collect information from anyone unless they fill out a Contact Form on the app, as described below.

Contact Forms

Our contact form on www.VetCalc.com is exclusively used for customer concerns and technical issues related to VetCalc. VetCalc the app does contain a contact form which users must input their information prior to the data being collected.  We offer no guarantee that a free consultation will be provided.

Embedded content from other websites

VetCalc the app does contain an embedded url that directs to www.HeroesServingHeroes.com which is associated with McKeown Law, LLP. 


Neither VetCalc the app nor the website uses cookies. 

Who we share your date with

VetCalc the app shares contact forms with McKeown Law, LLP.   

How long we retain your data

For users that fill out a Contact Form, as described above, McKeown Law, LLP retains that data for 1 year.  

What rights you have over your data

If a user fills out a contact form and the 1 year period which we retain that information has not passed.  The user may reach out to our info@heroesservingheroes.com to request removal of their information at any time prior to the 1 year rentention period lapsing.

Legal Disclosure

VetCalc and McKeown Law, LLP will never solicit or contact any user unless they fill out a contact form on the app.